Bochum Regional VGC 2020

Bochum Regional VGC 2020

Teams and results from the Regional held in Bochum, 🇩🇪. You can find below all the information about the players and teams that got Championships Points in this tournament. Each player has his/her own Twitter account if you click in their name. In case you find any issue, let us know through DM in our Twitter: @Abyssal_Ruins . TOP 128 avaliable in Nimbasa City Post



Bochum, Germany


11-12 January 2020

Organized by





VGC 2020: Sword and Shield


375 Masters


11000$ in total (3000$ champion)


1 Guillermo Castilla🇪🇸 200 Arcanine SwShSableye swshRotom wash swshMudsdale SwShFerrothorn SwSh
2 Alex Soto🇪🇸 160 Arcanine SwShBraviary swshTyranitar SwShRotom wash swshSylveon SwShFerrothorn SwSh
3 Francois Xavier de Lageneste🇫🇷 130 Pelipper swshLudicolo swshConkeldurr swshGastrodon East icon SwSh
4 Emre Sahan🇩🇪 130 Gyarados swshTorkoal SwShRhypherior SwShDusclops SwShGothitelle sw sh
5 David Koutesh🇨🇿 100 Gyarados swshTorkoal SwShRhypherior SwShDusclops SwShGothitelle sw sh
6 Jonathan Marston🇬🇧 100 Excadrill swshDragapult SwShHippowdon Icon SwShChandelure SwShIndeedee swsh
7 Eduardo Cunha🇵🇹 100 Dragapult SwShRotom heat SwShGastrodon East icon SwShWhimsicott SwShCorviknight SwSh
8 Florian van Hooijdonk🇳🇱 100 Arcanine SwShBraviary swshRotom mow swshDracozolt swshgrimmsnarl swshGastrodon East icon SwSh
9 Calvin Foster🇬🇧 80 Gyarados swshTorkoal SwShRhypherior SwShDusclops SwShGothitelle sw sh
10 Pablo Hernández🇪🇸 80 Dragapult SwShRotom mow swshgrimmsnarl swshGastrodon East icon SwShDuraludon swshcoalossal swsh
11 Tadeusz Szuba🇵🇱 80 Arcanine SwShTyranitar SwShExcadrill swshDragapult SwShGastrodon East icon SwSh
12 Roberto Parente🇮🇹 80 Sylveon SwShConkeldurr swshRhypherior SwShIndeedee swshDusclops SwShSnorlax swsh
13 Aleksandra Cwikiel🇵🇱 80 Dragapult SwShVanilluxe icon swshGastrodon East icon SwShWhimsicott SwShCorviknight SwShCharizard icon swsh
14 Flavio del Pidio🇮🇹 80 Hitmontop Icon SwShExcadrill swshVanilluxe icon swshDusclops SwShSnorlax swsh
15 Kevin Añó🇪🇸 80 Arcanine SwShRotom mow swshWhimsicott SwShDracovish swshDuraludon swshMimikyu swsh
16 Taran Birdee🇬🇧 80 Dragapult SwShSylveon SwShWhimsicott SwShDracovish swshDuraludon swshCharizard icon swsh


7/16 = 43.75%
Gastrodon East icon SwSh6/16 = 37.5%
Arcanine SwShDusclops SwSh5/16 = 31.25%
Rhypherior SwShWhimsicott SwSh4/16 = 25%
Sylveon SwShGyarados swshTorkoal SwShGothitelle sw shDragapult SwShDuraludon swsh3/16 = 18.75%
Rotom wash swshFerrothorn SwShTyranitar SwShBraviary swshConkeldurr swshExcadrill swshCorviknight SwShRotom mow swshgrimmsnarl swshSnorlax swshVanilluxe icon swshCharizard icon swshDracovish swsh2/16 = 12.5%
Sableye swshMudsdale SwShPelipper swshLudicolo swshHippowdon Icon SwShHitmontop Icon SwShChandelure SwShIndeedee swshRotom heat SwShDracozolt swshcoalossal swshMimikyu swsh1/16 = 6.25%

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